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Wedding make up from the perspective of professionals

Wedding is a celebration that requires a lot of effort for a bride. Professional make up artists are aware of this fact and use wedding make up techniques that facilitate the whole process, preserving stupendous results. It is worth mentioning a few assumptions that are visible in stylists work. Firstly, they emphasise an importance proper skin preparation. They recommend their clients using primer foundation and eye-shadow base in order to get smoother skin. Secondly, they keep a middle zone of a face matte, by implementing dusting transparent powder. Thirdly, they advise the bride to use a pigment-rich lip pencil instead of an ordinary lipstick. Last but not least, make up enthusiasts do not disregard an impact of eyebrows on overall make up look. For this reason, it is worth investing in professional brow grooming a few days before a wedding.
wedding video Ireland